School Rules

Speaking the Language

Students must try to communicate in the course language at all times. Failing to make a good effort will mean a poor result for everybody.

Help and encouragement as well as written visual aids will be given – students will be expected to attempt a percentage of the sentence in the course language and to gradually increase that effort as their confidence grows.

Students who have only one or two years language practice will be given extra help to form sentences, ask questions and attempt to converse with our staff in the course language at every opportunity.

Students who need extra help will find there are many opportunities to share one-on-one conversational practice with our Animator team.

Please note that Adventure Sports instruction is given in English for safety reasons, but using the course language is still mandatory between students and staff at all times.

Students who do not make an effort to speak the course language will receive a formal warning; if the behaviour continues and no improvement or effort is made, the student may be asked to leave the course.

In this case, it is the responsibility of the parent to pick up the student from the camp in Achill. No refund will be given on course fees.


For the benefit of all students and staff, a respectful attitude and courtesy towards others is required at all times on the course. Abusive language, theft, vandalism, illegal activity and violence or any kind of threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.  

Students may not write or draw on or deface the walls or fittings/fixtures of the hostel premises.  While it is accepted that accidents happen, students who wilfully vandalise fittings/fixtures or the structure of the premises will be liable for any damage caused.  Students should obey the directions of school management and staff.

Language Camp West acknowledges bullying as a category of abuse. Bullying of any kind is not acceptable. If bullying does occur, students, staff and parents/guardians should know that incidents will be reported and dealt with promptly.  Incidents will be reported to the Camp Supervisor and the School Manager at Language Camp West and will be dealt with immediately.

If a student repeatedly refuses to follow these rules of behaviour he/she may be dismissed from the course without refund.   


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Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones will be held by the Animator Team Leader and students will be allowed the use of their phone for about half an hour each night before bed. If there is any abuse of this rule school management reserve the right to confiscate the phone and hold it until the student’s departure from the course.   Students are not allowed to bring more than one mobile phone to camp.  We ask parents to cooperate and help enforce this rule so that conditions are the same for all students at camp. Please note there can be no exceptions to this rule.

In addition to the general rules of behaviour, students:

-May not leave the language camp site without permission and unaccompanied by school staff. 
-May not enter bedrooms or dormitory areas of members of the opposite sex at any time
-May not bring knives, weapons, lighters, solvents or flammable materials to the school.
-May not bring games consoles, notebooks, laptops, tablets, expensive electronic equipment, skate boards, roller skates or large amounts of money to camp.  These items will be confiscated by school staff and returned at the end of the course.
-Must follow the out-of-bounds rules of the school whereby students are not allowed in certain areas of the grounds at certain times of day. 
-May not leave the dormitory at night without permission.
-Must not swim unattended at any time and without the permission of Language Camp West. 
-May not disrupt the sleep of others in the dormitory rooms, nor keep other students or staff up at night with excessive talking, noise or any other kind of disruption. 
-May not damage, deface or interfere with any furniture, fixtures or fittings in the hostel residence or school buildings.

It must be stressed that students who attempt to leave their rooms and/or dormitory floor/area at night without permission are out of bounds.  This behaviour in particular cannot be tolerated as it puts staff and students at risk.  Students involved in this behaviour may be asked to leave the course.  The only exceptions to this are in the case of an emergency, if the student is seeking assistance from a member of staff or with the permission of supervisory staff.

Pocket Money

It is not recommended that students bring large amounts of money to camp. There are no shopping malls on Achill Island but some pocket money to buy souvenirs, treats etc. will be necessary!

Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs

Possession or use of alchohol, cigarettes and drugs of any kind (other than permitted prescription medication) is not allowed. Students found in possession and/or using these substances will be dismissed without refund from the school.

Any student expelled for any reason must be collected by the parent/guardian. The return transport home of an expelled student is not the responsibility of Language Camp West. Full or partial refunds will not be given on course fees in the case of expulsion from the school.

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