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Immersive Residential Summer Camps

One-week residential summer camps
These camps in French or German are for Junior Cycle students (generally aged 13-15). The duration of this course makes it ideal for students who do not have a lot of experience being away from home. Students will enjoy a week of fun and adventure with 15 hours of language lessons plus constant practice with our fluent staff and native speaking Animators. The aim of the course is that students will go forward with confidence and a positive attitude towards their chosen language.
(Please note we will not be running Senior cycle camps in summer 2021).

Our Junior language courses are not for total beginners; at least one year's language learning is necessary to join the course.

Students are encouraged to relax and enjoy the language and to gain confidence in conversation with their new friends and the Animator team.

Teachers will help students prepare for exams as well as encouraging them to improve pronunciation, grammar, listening skills and vocabulary. These courses offers a real advantage for students coming into a new school year - hit the ground running and stay one step ahead!

Our teachers currently work within the Irish secondary school system and are experienced in all aspects of the French or German language curriculum.

We provide a team made up of native French or German speakers as well as experienced Irish camp counsellors/animators who are fluent in the course language. Together they mentor and encourage students and bring a great range of talents and skills with them to the summer camps.

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Speaking the Language

Students are expected to make their best effort to speak in the course language at all times. Help and encouragement as well as written visual aids will be given – students will be expected to attempt a percentage of the sentence in the course language and to gradually increase that percentage as their confidence grows.

Students who will have only one or two years language practice will be given extra help to form sentences, ask questions and attempt to converse with our staff in the course language at every opportunity.

Students who need extra help will find there are many opportunities to share one-on-one conversational practice with our Animator team.

Please note that Adventure Sports instruction is given in English for safety reasons, but using the course language is still mandatory between students and staff at all times.

Students who do not make an effort to speak the course language will receive a formal warning; if the behaviour continues and no improvement or effort is made, the student may be asked to leave the course.

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French and German Summer Language Camps in Ireland

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